AUTHOR - VOLUNTEER'S CREED, Chicken Soup for Volunteer's Soul

People Count - People Matter. You Count - You Matter.


Tom's motivational presentation, YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE, has inspired thousands of volunteers nationwide.

At a recent International Leadership Conference in Columbus, Ohio, over 3,000 Lion's Club members gathered from around the world to listen to Tom Krause speak. The results?

"This man is absolutely the BEST speaker I have ever heard!"

"It is the first time I have ever felt moved to get out of my chair and actually make a difference for my organization."

Comments like these are why so many people are requesting Tom for their volunteer forums.

"Tom Krause is rightfully labeled one of the most requested inspiring speakers. Artfully combining stories and analogies to illustrate his main messages, Tom Krause will have attendees laughing one minute and crying the next. From the beginning of his presentations through the ending, those in attendance realize Tom communicates with passion, enthusiasm and commitment. You would do yourself a favor by attending a Tom Krause presentation then understanding why previous audiences always leave by saying, 'WOW!'"

- Mick Burris, Past international Director, International Association of Lion's Clubs

For a reference contact Mick at 307-527-4954.

Volunteer's Creed

Though my troubles and my worries

are sometimes all that I can see,

still I always must remember

life is not only about me.

Other souls are also hurting

and I know that it is God's plan

to reach out to help each other,

to extend to them my hand.

With this purpose as my mission,

to reach out to be a friend,

all my troubles and my worries

seem to fade out in the end.

It is one of life's true lessons,

how my walk is meant to be,

true happiness I find when

life is not only about me.



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