January 29th, 2009
Posted By: my2cents
Hello all! I missed Mr. Krause on the radio yesterday, but I heard many callers on Party Line call in and talk about the old football days. I enjoyed those stories. I didn’t know Mr. Krause as my coach, but as my teacher. He was my elementary PE teacher, and I wanted to say what a wonderful example he was to his students. He taught us about being competitive, but also taught us about being fair. We learned from him that everyone deserves to play and that effort and a good attitude can carry you pretty far.
I picked up a copy of Mr. Krause’s book at Reagan’s one afternoon and read it that weekend. I was touched to find that he was the same good person now that I remembered from my childhood. I would recommend his book to anyone that knows and loves a teenager. The world expects so much from our youth. We expect them to not make mistakes, and to somehow go back and correct our mistakes. We expect them to be a little smarter than we were, and to always make good choices. Not only that, but we expect them to look prettier or stronger while they do it. I am happy to see someone telling our kids it is okay to just be the best you can. We don’t have to expect perfection from the youth of today. We just need to let them know that their effort and a good attitude will hold them in good stead. A lot of things change, but some simple values hold true through the test of time. I am glad to know that Mr. Krause is still teaching kids those core values.
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When you think it doesn’t matter
if you fail or pass the test
keep in mind this simple reason
you should always be your best.

While the whole world may not notice
if you tried to give your all,
there is a special person
to whom it matters if you fall.

A little voice inside you
which directs your thoughts each day
will make the final judgement
if you won or lost today.

Never will you fail yourself
if you give it all you’ve got.
The world extends a helping hand
to those who give life their best shot.

For all that really matters
when you're finished with your test,
is not the final score at all
but did you do your best?

- Tom Krause