BUSINESS:  "Empower Your Staff/Organization to Greater Levels of Success & Achievement"

                   "STRESS REDUCTION AT WORK & HOME"

Presentation Titles:

Three Lessons Everyone Should Learn
Be Yourself - Believe in Yourself - Don't Be Afraid to Go for Your Dreams! are the three priciples Tom uses to empower your employees to greater levels of success and happiness in life.


Learn how the power of proper goal setting can change your life, team, or business forever. Get your organization moving again with this captivating presentation. Listen as Tom shows you how goal setting and focus can give your company the winning edge over all other competition.


How does stress affect your business? Learn the keys to reducing stress in yourself and your employees. These three keys are guaranteed to energize your staff and organization to help you reach peak performance.

"Tom's humor is contagious and his genuine concern for others makes him approachable, which is why I believe people are drawn to him and his message. These are the qualities that moved our staff to tears as Tom shared numerous stories of his successes in changing lives of other through positive thinking."

- Rhoda Clark, Executive Director, CASA